Arm Lift in Huntington Beach

An upper arm lift, which is also called brachioplasty, removes the dreaded sagging “bat wings” of excess skin. In Huntington Beach, Dr. Anthony Miller is proud to offer this option to his patients. To arrange a consultation to discuss your options, please contact Orange County Cosmetic Surgery at 714-379-9777.

What are the Benefits of an Arm Lift?

Arm lift results typically include:

  • A smoother, better defined upper arm contour
  • Elimination of the flaps of skin hanging from the upper arms
  • Opportunity to more thoroughly enjoy the results of weight-lifting because the excess skin is no longer detracting from the appearance of toned muscles
  • Potential for greater comfort and less chafing once the excess skin is removed
  • Improved confidence in sleeveless tops and dresses

While these are the general benefits, it’s important to figure out if the procedure will benefit you as an individual. We encourage to discuss your concerns with Dr. Miller, pointing out what you would like to change and describing your expectations. As part of this conversation, Dr. Miller can determine if brachioplasty will provide the results you are looking for.

Am I a Candidate for Arm Lift Surgery?

woman raising armsCandidacy factors include:

  • Excess skin and fat around the upper arms
  • Skin sags from the underside of the upper arms
  • Skin does not shrink back around the arm contour despite diet and exercise
  • Major weight loss, aging, and/or genetics have contributed to deflated arm skin
  • Generally good health
  • Prepared to undergo surgery and commit to aftercare instructions

The consultation will include a discussion of your goals and an examination of your upper arms. Dr. Miller will ask about your health history, allergies, past surgeries, and other aspects of your medical background as part of considering your candidacy. Ultimately, most people who want to remove the excess skin hanging from their upper arms are great candidates for the procedure!


Dr Miller is a great cosmetic surgeon not only is he great at his work but great at explaining the process and making you feel comfortable through it all. He offers not only breast augmentations but as well liposuction and BBLs. Highly recommended!

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How is an Arm Lift Performed?

A long incision is made, usually extending from near the underarm area down to the elbow. The incision is usually at the back of the arm. The incision is used to remove excess tissue and skin, and then the remaining skin is re-draped over the arm contour and sutured. Depending on the circumstances, liposuction may also be performed to remove excess fat deposits from the arms.

How Long is the Recovery?

The recovery takes place in phases. Here are some of the main parts of downtime:

  • Stay home from work for 1-2 weeks
  • Don’t engage in activity that raises your blood pressure in the first week
  • You should walk around during the first week to promote good blood flow
  • Don’t engage in strenuous activity for 4-6 weeks
  • Don’t do any heavy lifting or weight lifting for at least 6 weeks

We will provide detailed aftercare instructions for showering, caring for the incision sites, sleeping with your arms elevated on pillows, and what to eat to heal efficiently.

Although you may notice an immediate difference, swelling will at first obscure the full results. Expect some swelling to go down in the first 1-2 weeks, with a lot more swelling resolving after 4-6 weeks. Sleeping with your arms elevated on pillows will reduce swelling.

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Arm Lift - Before & After

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Can I Combine Other Procedures with an Arm Lift?

Yes, Dr. Miller may be able to perform other cosmetic procedures in the same surgical appointment. It will depend mostly on which procedures you want to combine, as well as other factors related to the surgical steps and your individual health history.

Will My Arm Lift Leave Scars?

Yes, like all surgical procedures, an arm lift will leave scars on the arm where the incision is made. It is a fact that the incision for an arm lift is long, extending from the underarm area to the elbow. For patients with sagging upper arm skin, the incision is usually a welcome trade-off for eliminating the floppy tissue. Dr. Miller will show you pictures of other patients so you can see what the scars look like and decide if it’s right for you.

We also provide clear and thorough aftercare instructions, including caring for the incision sites as they heal. Proper scar care can help the scars heal correctly, which may lead to scars that fade well and become much less obvious; however, it’s also important to note that your own body’s response to scarring will also play a role in what the scars look like once completely healed.

How Long Will the Results of My Arm Lift Last?

Arm lift results are long-lasting! Most arm lift patients continue to enjoy their results for many years to come, even for a lifetime. It is certainly possible for the tissue in the area to change in the years after your arm lift as a result of aging, weight fluctuations, sun exposure, and the gradual effects of gravity. You may notice some sagginess again because of these elements. You can do a lot to protect your results by maintaining a stable body weight.

Find Out If You’re a Brachioplasty Candidate

If you’re interested in arm lift surgery in Huntington Beach or the surrounding region of California, please contact Orange County Cosmetic Surgery at 714-379-9777. We look forward to answering your questions and arranging your consultation with experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anthony Miller.