Cosmetic Surgery

Posted: November 07, 2023
Choosing to have cosmetic surgery is an important decision, one that can impact your appearance and self-confidence for years to come. Cosmetic procedures are meant to help you achieve a physical aesthetic or goal, and that’s why it’s essential that a qualified, professional cosmetic surgeon does… Read Full Post
Posted: April 07, 2023
Do you want to firm your jawline or increase the volume in your cheeks? While plastic surgery is an option, it’s not the only one. If you are troubled by the effects hormones, stress, gravity, and aging can have on your face, dermal fillers may be the answer. In our Huntington Beach office, we… Read Full Post
Posted: January 18, 2022
The recovery phase is one of the most important phases of your cosmetic surgery experience. While you recover after surgery, your body is healing and the stage is being set for your results to take shape. It’s important to prioritize your downtime and clear your schedule. The exact duration will… Read Full Post
Posted: July 15, 2021
As we enter the summer season of 2021, you may be considering a surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Dr. Anthony Miller is an experienced cosmetic surgeon in Huntington Beach, CA, and he is ready to help you decide if a procedure may be right for you this year. To arrange a consultation,… Read Full Post
Posted: July 07, 2021
Although the coronavirus pandemic has not gone away, vaccination rates in America have created the opportunity for a return to normal/a new normal/the ability to start enjoying activities and opportunities you may not have been able to participate in for more than a year. Cosmetic surgery offices… Read Full Post
Posted: May 18, 2021
If you are considering a tummy tuck procedure, you are probably wondering what recovery is like. Here is a timeline of what you can expect during the recovery process and when it is generally safe to resume your normal activities. Week One Immediately after your procedure, you will most likely… Read Full Post