Arm Lift vs. Liposuction: Which Option Is Right for You?

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Many factors, such as age and genetics, determine where the body stores excess fat. Even with a balanced diet and regular exercise, getting rid of excess fat in certain regions can be difficult. One common area is the upper arms. Excess fat in the upper arms is cause for concern for many patients, leading them to feel self-conscious and even frustrated.

For patients looking for solutions for excess fat or skin in the upper arms, there are two popular options: Arm lift and arm liposuction. Discover the differences to determine which is right for you.

What Is an Arm Lift?

An upper arm lift, often called brachioplasty, is a procedure to contour and smooth the upper arms and eliminate excess skin. It’s an ideal procedure for patients with excess skin.


The procedure involves a long incision to remove the excess skin and contour the remaining tissue.


Recovery from an arm lift usually requires one to two weeks away from work. You must also abstain from strenuous exercises for four to six weeks. Be sure to consult your physician for regular check-ups after your appointment to determine when you can return to your daily routine.

How Does Arm Liposuction Differ?

Many people know liposuction is most commonly used on the abdomen, but it can also be used on the arms. Arm liposuction is a less invasive fat removal procedure than brachioplasty because it does not require as large of an incision. This procedure is ideal for patients who are looking to remove excess fat.


This procedure utilizes a sterile saline solution to prevent discomfort and break up the targeted fat cells for easier removal. Then, a small incision is made for the cannula, which will suction out the fat.


Following your procedure, you may experience some swelling and bruising. You may have to wear a compression sleeve for about four weeks, after which you should be most, if not fully recovered.

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