Inner Thigh Lift vs. Outer Thigh Lift

A woman in white underwear showing off sculpted thighs from a thigh lift surgery

Are you looking to achieve more toned and youthful legs? A thigh lift is one promising option.

At Orange County Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Anthony Miller, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, recognizes that each individual has unique needs and desires. That’s why he offers multiple variations of the thigh lift.  

This blog breaks down two common thigh lift procedures – inner and outer – to help you understand which technique might be the best fit. For personalized recommendations, schedule a consultation.

Inner Thigh Lift

This surgery targets the area running from the groin region down to the knee. It is also known as a medial thigh lift.

During a medial lift, Dr. Miller will tighten the underlying tissues, removing excess skin and fat to improve the inner upper leg’s contour.

This procedure can enhance the shape of the leg and stop the inner thighs from rubbing together as much. It’s also helpful if you have excess skin that interferes with daily activities or clothing choices.

You might be a particularly good candidate if you have experienced significant weight loss and have loose skin on your legs as a result. 

Outer Thigh Lift

This surgery, also known as a lateral thigh lift, addresses the outer thigh and sometimes the buttocks. 

As is the case with an inner thigh lift, Dr. Miller lifts and tightens the skin and underlying tissues during this procedure. However, the degree of lifting and skin removal is usually more significant for lateral lifts.

A lateral lift is aimed at people who wish to improve the contours of their external upper leg. It can be a good choice if your weight loss has resulted in loose skin around your outer thighs and hips. You may also opt for this procedure if you have increased skin laxity due to genetics or aging.

Schedule a Consultation in Huntington Beach

Choosing the right type of procedure is crucial to obtaining your ideal physique. Dr. Miller is here to guide you every step of the way. 

Book a consultation at Orange County Cosmetic Surgery to explore how a thigh lift can benefit you and decide which option is best. Call 714-379-9777 or text 714-248-5128 to make an appointment.


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