Scars Do Not Need To Be Permanent

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Scars can have a detrimental impact on a person’s self-confidence and self-image. When they are in highly-visible areas or look significantly different than the skin around them, scars can make some people avoid certain activities where they can’t cover and hide them.

Thankfully, there are now many options that can help soften the look of scars and blend them in with the skin around them, or in some cases, remove them completely. Despite this potential, it is important to understand results will vary. Not only is each scar unique, everyone’s body is different in how they respond to the treatment and heals.

For minor or smaller scars, you may be able to see great results from less invasive treatment options such as steroid injections or laser/dermal therapy. For these methods, treatment sessions are spaced between 3 and 4 weeks apart. You may begin to see results within the first few months, with up to a year needed to complete the treatment course.

More severe scars, or those that are larger or more mature, may require a surgical procedure to remove or soften their appearance. Most surgical procedures to remove or revise the look of the scar take less than two hours and can be done in an outpatient setting. There are risks of scarring remaining from the surgery, but most patients are very pleased with the results.

Although results may vary greatly from person to person and between different scars on the same patient, most who seek scar revision or removal are pleased with the results. In some cases, there might be some evidence of a scar that remains. However, rarely, the appearance is not significantly softened.

If you have scarring on your body that’s causing a decrease in self-confidence, contact Dr. Anthony Miller and the team at Orange County Cosmetic Surgery in Huntington Beach, CA, to see how scar revision/removal might help. The team can be reached at 714-379-9777 or


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