Sculptra®: It May Be Better Than Your Standard Filler

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Let’s face it–getting older is nice, but the wrinkles and frown lines that come with it aren’t so great. A history of smoking or genetics can also speed up your aging process and give you crepey skin that you’re not happy to have either. Fortunately, there are solutions. One solution to wrinkly skin that comes highly recommended is Sculptra®, which we discuss in detail below.

What Is Sculptra®?

Sculptra is a type of filler but, whereas many dermal fillers are natural, it is synthetic. Sculptra uses poly-L-lactic acid to stimulate collagen growth in the injected areas. By stimulating collagen growth, the affected areas become plumper, smoother, and firmer. These traits make for an overall more youthful and healthier appearance.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Sculptra®?

Improves Overtime

The majority of dermal fillers show results soon after the session, but these results taper off as time progresses. The opposite occurs when you get a Sculptra filler. You may notice a minor to moderate difference after one session, but you will see a marked difference after a few weeks of getting Sculptra as collagen is steadily produced. The benefit of this process is that your looks will continuously improve and the effect is more natural.

Results Aren’t Immediate

You can see instant results with some dermal fillers after one injection. When it comes to Sculptra, you will need about three sessions before you get the results you desire. However, once you do achieve those results, they’re bound to last up to two years. Other fillers will require a new injection within a few months.

Accessible to Most People

A common question for any cosmetic enhancement is, “Am I a good candidate for this procedure”. The great news about Sculptra is that most people are eligible for it. Unless you suffer from keloid or hypertrophic scarring, you should be able to get Sculptra injections.

Book a Sculptra® Filler Appointment Today

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