The Basics of Brachioplasty

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It’s springtime in Orange County, and although we have warm, sunny weather year round, there’s nothing quite like throwing on an easy, breezy sleeveless dress this time of year. But you may feel embarrassed to do this if your arms have developed hanging skin. Whether the sag developed with age, after weight loss, or has always been around because of genetics, you may be a good candidate for brachioplasty if you are unhappy with your upper arms.


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Here are some of the basics:

Also called an arm lift, this procedure re-shapes the underlying tissue and removes the excess skin so that you can enjoy arms with a defined contour. This alteration is achieved during a surgical appointment completed by experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anthony Miller.

Brachioplasty can be ideal if you have a lot of loose skin hanging from the upper arms, and if the issue is not related to lack of muscle tone. For some people, upper body exercise can go a long way in tightening and defining the upper arms. But the drooping skin that falls below the muscle and arm contour cannot be tightened with exercise; it is simply excess skin. You may have very strong, muscular arms, but find you are disappointed with the way this skin detracts from your appearance. In such cases, brachioplasty may be the answer.

The procedure is completed using an incision that extends from near the underarm down to the elbow. While it is a long incision, it is placed near the back of the arm so that it is more discreet once it heals.

Afterward, we will advise you to stay home from work for one to two weeks. People with work-from-home or flexible schedules may get the added benefit of recovering while still being able to attend to light work duties during this time. Strenuous exercise and weight lifting must be delayed for at least six weeks.

The results are long-lasting and even permanent for some people. An arm lift cannot stop the skin-sagging effects of gravity and cannot prevent future weight gain, but most people are able to maintain a stable body weight after the procedure and find their results persist.

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Dr. Anthony Miller is passionate about providing beautiful results for his patients. If you think an upper arm lift is the right way to achieve your goals, we hope you will arrange a consultation with us by calling 714-379-9777. We are located in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA, and people visit us from across the region and state.

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