Types of Wrinkles That Dysport Injectables Can Treat

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Everyone wishes they could naturally stay youthful even into the later years of their lives. Unfortunately, that’s just not how the world likes to work. As people age, wrinkles begin to form, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to combat those tell-tale signs of aging. With the power of cosmetic injectables such as Dysport, wrinkles of countless kinds and origins can be kept at bay so you can enjoy a face full of youthful vigor.

“What types of wrinkles can Dysport injectables deal with exactly?” you may be wondering. Well, here are the most common answers to that question:

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are a quintessential sign of aging that everyone will begin to form at some point in their lives. Also known as laughing lines, they are fine wrinkles that form around the corners of your eyes. Though they are frequently visible, they become most prominent while laughing, undergoing stress, or displaying sadness. With the use of Dysport injectables, the tiny muscles that cause crow’s feet are relaxed, smoothing out the surface of your skin and reducing their appearance.

Frown Lines

Moving away from the corners of your eyes towards the bridge between them, frown lines are the vertical lines that are visible between your eyebrows. These frown lines can be seen at any age through making certain facial expressions, such as frowning, smiling, and laughing. However, as time goes on, those lines can develop into wrinkles that remain even with neutral expressions. In the same way Dysport corrects crow’s feet, it relaxes the muscles that are causing your frown lines, smoothing the surface to ensure a younger look.

Forehead Wrinkles

Forehead wrinkling can appear as soon as your early twenties and are the horizontal lines that you often see when raising your eyebrows or furrowing your brow. Once more, Dysport injectables are able to neutralize and relax the right muscles to ensure that your forehead stays youthful and smooth.

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