Lines and wrinkles are going to happen to us all. This is true no matter how much we pamper our skin and protect it from sun damage. Some of the most common creases that occur with age have to do with the expression of emotions. There is no way to go through life without smiling, laughing, frowning, crying, and making other facial expressions, no do we really want anyone trying to do that. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to address cosmetic concerns that develop over time. Here at Orange County Cosmetic Surgery in Huntington Beach, CA, we often use injectables to restore a more energized appearance. Dysport® is one of them.

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What Can Dysport® Treat?

Dysport® is FDA-approved to treat glabella lines. These are also referred to as "11s," but you may simply know them as frown lines. In addition to the formal usage of Dysport, doctors routinely use this cosmetic injectable to smooth horizontal "worry lines" from the forehead and crow's feet around the eyes. It can also give a subtle lift to descending brows and reduce the appearance of bands on the neck. Essentially, whatever we've routinely used BOTOX® for in the past can also be handled with Dysport®.

How Does Dysport® Work?

Dysport® is a neuromodulator. Specifically, it's made with a very minute amount of the neurotoxin abobotulinumtoxinA (Botulinum toxin type A), made from a known bacteria. The production process is so refined that the drug can work both cosmetically and therapeutically with very little risk of causing systemic symptoms. When we inject Dysport into a muscle that's pulling on the skin, the abobotulinumtoxinA binds to receptors between the muscle and the nerves. This prevents the action of the protein acetylcholine, which tells muscles to move, for a short time. Over the course of several months, your body will break down and eliminate the drug. As this happens, the treated lines and creases will gradually return. 

Are Dysport® Injections Painful?

Your comfort is important to us. We administer injectable treatments using very fine needles that are barely felt as they pass through the skin. Injectable treatments are typically less uncomfortable than a bee sting. You may feel a minor pinch from the needle, but this ceases almost immediately. If you're worried about your Dysport® injections being painful, talk to our staff! We'll take whatever measures we can to ensure that your treatment is pleasant and rewarding. 

How Long Do the Results of Dysport® Last?

You can expect to start seeing the effects of your Dysport injections as soon as a couple of days after your appointment. These may continue to build for approximately five days. The muscle-relaxing effects of the drug can last from three to five months. Sometimes they seem to last longer. This could be the case, or it may be that the effects wear off so slowly that it feels as though the results last as long as six months. You can repeat your injectable treatment as often as every three months. 

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