What Is A Breast Lift?

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A breast lift is a cosmetic procedure that rejuvenates breasts that are drooping. You may be a good candidate for this procedure if you are unhappy with:

  • Sagging breasts
  • Breasts that hang low on the chest
  • Nipples that point downward
  • Nipples that fall below the breast crease when unsupported by a bra
  • Stretched out and enlarged areolas

You may have heard of the “pencil test” for determining mastopexy candidacy. If you place a pencil under your breast where the breast meets the chest wall, would your breast hold the pencil in place when you take your hand away, or would it fall to the floor? If the pencil falls to the floor, then your breasts may not benefit from a lift. But if the pencil remains in place, this likely indicates a degree of sagginess that mastopexy can correct. Of course, no amount of at-home evaluation can substitute for an in-person consultation with Dr. Anthony Miller. After listening to your goals, concerns, and expectations, and assessing the laxity of the breast skin, Dr. Miller can determine if a breast lift is right for you and if there are any other breast surgeries you should consider.

Benefits of a breast lift


How It’s Done

The exact surgical steps depend on your specific surgical plan. The type of incision and amount of skin removed depends on the degree of sagging. If you have chosen to enlarge your breasts as well as lift them, breast implants will be placed during the procedure.

In general, the steps of a breast lift include:

  • Removing excess breast skin
  • Drawing down the skin above the areola so that it fits around the entire breast
  • The nipple and areola are moved to a higher position
  • Stretched areolas, if present, are reduced in size

These steps may be a bit different depending on the technique you and Dr. Miller agree to.

Achieve the Rejuvenated Breasts You Picture for Yourself

If you are ready to find out if breast rejuvenation with mastopexy will achieve your cosmetic goals, please call Orange County Cosmetic Surgery in Huntington Beach at 714-379-9777. Dr. Anthony Miller is an experienced cosmetic surgeon who is driven to help each of his patients achieve the body and breasts they’ve always wanted.


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