Body Contouring

Posted: April 30, 2023
After successfully shedding the excessive pounds, your body may still not have your desired appearance. Stretched out, deflated, and loose skin is often left behind. Fortunately, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anthony Miller can remove and trim the excess skin, re-shaping the underlying tissue, and even… Read Full Post
Posted: January 30, 2023
You may be a proud fan of bats. The small, flying mammals help keep the mosquito population down and are a great tourist draw, but it doesn’t mean you want your arms to develop the dreaded bat wings. The sagging excess skin on the upper arms is something most people try to hide from view. Instead… Read Full Post
Posted: January 07, 2023
Losing a significant amount of weight is a life-changing experience. You feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. The only remaining issue is the excessive skin. After achieving major weight loss goals folds of loose, excess skin is a common complaint. You have a slimmer figure, but your… Read Full Post
Posted: April 20, 2022
It’s springtime in Orange County, and although we have warm, sunny weather year round, there’s nothing quite like throwing on an easy, breezy sleeveless dress this time of year. But you may feel embarrassed to do this if your arms have developed hanging skin. Whether the sag developed with age,… Read Full Post
Posted: February 09, 2022
If you are interested in augmenting and enhancing your buttocks, you may be considering the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. This treatment option is completely natural in the sense that it uses only your own fat cells, removed with liposuction, to re-shape your butt - no artificial implants or other… Read Full Post
Posted: October 08, 2021
Liposuction removes stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. You may have already known that, but did you know that it works not only on the abdomen and hips, but in areas across the face and body? Some of the most common treatment areas include: Abdomen Waist Back… Read Full Post
Posted: March 04, 2021
While liposuction is a great tone and body contouring solution, following a healthy lifestyle is the best way to ensure long-lasting results. Dr. Anthony Miller can help you remove stubborn areas of fat, but it is important you follow his post-operative guidelines to prevent future weight gain.… Read Full Post
Posted: December 11, 2020
A Brazilian Butt Lift takes fat from an area you don’t want it, and moves it to an area you do want it: the derriere! This implant-free procedure makes it possible for Dr. Anthony Miller to augment buttock size while also sculpting the overall shape. Like all surgery, BBL will require downtime. Dr… Read Full Post
Posted: October 21, 2020
The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is an incredibly popular cosmetic surgery procedure that transfers fat from unwanted areas, such as the thighs or abdomen, to the buttocks. This process creates a full, shapely rear-end appearance, and an attractive, hourglass figure. The price of a Brazilian butt… Read Full Post
Posted: September 30, 2020
The Avelar tummy tuck, or Avelar abdominoplasty, is an innovative technique that combines two of the most popular and effective body contouring procedures performed today: liposuction and abdominoplasty. This comprehensive technique simultaneously addresses unwanted abdominal fat and loose, sagging… Read Full Post