Do Lip Fillers Change Your Lip Shape?

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lip fillers change your lip shape the answer is yes, to a degree, and also depending on your goals. Some people want to maintain their basic lip shape and mostly add volume, while other people want to achieve a greater degree of re-shaping. Experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anthony Miller and his team have the experience necessary to customize the results to the look you want.

We provide precisely targeted injections to create the results you want. Some of the areas of the lips that define their shape are:

  • The cupid’s bow, which is the heart-shaped curve at the top of your upper lip
  • The vermillion border, which is the border between the lips and the skin
  • The outer corners of your lips
  • The body of the lips (the fullest area)

By strategically adding volume with lip fillers to these areas, we can re-shape your lips to the full pout you want. While re-shaping these areas with fillers is possible, it’s also really important to have realistic expectations. Lip fillers can only modify the lips so far. Fillers cannot make your lips look exactly like someone else’s or change the fundamental shape. But improvement, enhancement, and subtle re-shaping is possible.

In general, you are probably a good candidate for lip augmentation with fillers if you want to improve one or more of the following:

  • Thin lips/lips that lack volume
  • Lips lacking definition
  • Lip shape
  • Asymmetrical lips
  • A poorly defined or flat cupid’s bow
  • Fine lines and creases surrounding the lips and above the upper lip

If you’ve been wondering if lip fillers can achieve what you have in mind, we encourage you to talk to Dr. Miller. After listening to your goals and examining your lips, he will provide custom recommendations. Dermal fillers are completely non-surgical, involve no downtime, and are temporary. Other than some possible bruising, swelling, and redness, you should be ready to get back to your day after the injection appointment.

Ready to find out if you are a lip augmentation candidate? If so, please call Orange County Cosmetic Surgery at 714-379-9777, to arrange a consultation with experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anthony Miller in Huntington Beach, CA.


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