Injectables & Fillers

Posted: December 07, 2022
Wrinkles between the eyebrows are a common sign of aging. Whether it’s from frowning, laughing, or constantly making faces, furrows between the eyebrows are a frequent complaint among men and women. Since it is impossible to not have facial expressions, chances are you have lines you want to get… Read Full Post
Posted: November 30, 2022
Collagen is naturally produced by the body. It’s what keeps skin firm and supple. It is a common ingredient in skincare products, but sometimes an over-the-counter cream isn’t enough to prevent wrinkles and sagging skin. By the time you reach the age of twenty, your body is producing less collagen… Read Full Post
Posted: November 15, 2022
Your lips help balance your facial features and highlight your smile. Some lips are full and voluptuous while others are thin and barely visible. If you feel your lips are too thin for your face, Dr. Miller at Orange County Cosmetic Surgery can help you get fuller, plumper lips. How to Get Fuller… Read Full Post
Posted: September 22, 2022
As with any cosmetic surgery, there are risks. If you want to ensure you get the results you desire, you must do your homework. Many patients have parted with loads of money to receive substandard treatments or results. Therefore, before settling on Dysport, you should ensure you have all your… Read Full Post
Posted: September 15, 2022
Most people are familiar with Botox as an injectable for reducing wrinkles. However, a new and improved injectable in the market, Dysport, has a significant impact in the world of cosmetic surgery. Find out more below: What is Dysport Dysport is an injectable medication that temporarily improves… Read Full Post
Posted: September 07, 2022
One of the most popular ways of reducing the signs of aging is through injectables. The most common type of injectable for cosmetic surgery is Botox. However, the prevalent use of Dysport has led many patients to consider this new type of injectable. Find out the major benefits of using Dysport to… Read Full Post
Posted: August 22, 2022
Sagging skin is a common issue among men and women as they age. If you find yourself poking and prodding excess skin on different areas of your body, you should consider skin tightening options. You can look into non-surgical or surgical skin tightening options. The best cosmetic surgeons will help… Read Full Post
Posted: July 22, 2022
A non-surgical procedure that can give you the fuller and more voluptuous lips you want, with almost no recovery needed lip fillers are a great solution. Using state-of-the-art injectable hyaluronic acids (HAs), Juvederm, and Restylane, Dr. Miller can smooth wrinkles around your mouth and, increase… Read Full Post
Posted: July 15, 2022
The use of Botox for cosmetic use has been around for decades. Many derivatives have been created, including Dysport. Dysport is made from the same botulinum toxin protein, and although it is slightly less versatile than Botox, it is generally less expensive per unit. If you have mild to moderate… Read Full Post
Posted: December 27, 2021
Lip fillers boost lip volume while providing an attractive lip shape, all without surgery! If you are wondering whether lip fillers change your lip shape the answer is yes, to a degree, and also depending on your goals. Some people want to maintain their basic lip shape and mostly add volume, while… Read Full Post