Exploring the Benefits of Dysport® Over BOTOX® Cosmetic

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There are many non-surgical options for treating wrinkles and fine lines, and injectables are among the most popular. At Orange County Cosmetic Surgery, we can help you explore the many options, including why Dysport® may have more benefits compared to BOTOX® Cosmetic.

BOTOX Cosmetic vs Dysport: What Is the Difference?

We offer both injectables at our office and find them both excellent treatment options for various patients. However, some patients may find the results they want from Dysport more than BOTOX Cosmetic, especially if they want to treat glabellar lines, which form between the eyebrows.

Several other key differences between BOTOX Cosmetic and Dysport are:

  • Density. Dysport is much more diluted than BOTOX Cosmetic, allowing it to cover a wider surface area and deliver faster results.
  • Active ingredient concentration. Dysport contains less botulinum toxin type A per unit, which can cause it to diffuse more quickly and offer more subtle results.
  • Duration of effects. Dysport results last an average of three to six months, though treatment areas may need re-injected sooner than with BOTOX Cosmetic.
  • Ideal use cases. BOTOX Cosmetic is chosen because of its versatility in treating moderate to severe facial wrinkles, but it is also a precise treatment. Dysport can be applied to a larger treatment area due to the spreading quality of its formula.

When Is Dysport a Better Option?

When it comes to answering whether Dysport is better than BOTOX Cosmetic, the answer depends on several factors. Namely, the areas you wish to treat, the severity of wrinkles in the target area, and the cost factor.

Because Dysport contains less toxin per unit, it often requires more units to achieve the same results as BOTOX Cosmetic. This can increase the cost of initial treatment and follow-up visits.

However, for patients who have moderate to severe glabellar lines, Dysport has been FDA-approved specifically to treat them.

Improving Your Appearance Without Surgery

Enhancing your natural beauty no longer needs a long, drawn-out process. Non-surgical procedures typically have a substantially reduced recovery time, allowing you to leave the office already noticing a difference.

If you would like to discuss your options regarding injectables and other treatments, we are here to help. Dr. Anthony Miller, our board-certified cosmetic surgeon, is an expert in cosmetic and aesthetic enhancements, and he can help you choose the right procedure for your goals.

To arrange a consultation, please contact our office at (714) 379-9777. We proudly serve patients in Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, CA, and the surrounding areas.


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