How Long Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Last?


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If you are interested in augmenting and enhancing your buttocks, you may be considering the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. This treatment option is completely natural in the sense that it uses only your own fat cells, removed with liposuction, to re-shape your butt – no artificial implants or other materials involved. The results look and feel natural because it’s your tissue, taken from an area of excess!

So you are pretty excited about the results, but exactly how long will they last? After all, making an investment in a cosmetic procedure should pay off in terms of beautiful, long-lasting results.

A Brazilian Butt Lift is considered a semi-permanent procedure. Fat cells by nature aren’t static; they may grow or shrink over time. You should pursue an active lifestyle and exercise that tones your butt to keep your results looking great.

Also, because of the nature of fat grafting, a certain number of fat cells will not survive – this is normal and expected. But the fat that does survive should be there for the long haul.

In general, Brazilian Butt Lift results will last the long term, with about 70 percent of the transferred fat surviving after the procedure. It is possible that you will notice subtle changes in the shape and size of your buttocks as the years pass, but most people enjoy their results for the indefinite future!

Because the survival of the fat is important to the final look, it’s important to follow aftercare instructions exactly. These include:

  • Sitting on an air pillow or donut cushion for at least 8 weeks in order to keep pressure off of your butt
  • Taking time off from strenuous exercise and activities
  • Sleeping on your side or stomach for several weeks
  • Wearing compression garments as instructed

One of the most important aspects of recovery is avoiding sitting directly on your buttocks. It will impede full blood flow to the area, which is necessary to aid in recovery and the fat cells solidifying.

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