What Exactly Does Dysport Do?

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Dysport Cosmetic is an injectable wrinkle relaxer. It works by temporarily freezing excessive muscular contractions at the target location. The effect lasts about 3-4 months for most people. It’s FDA-approved as safe and effective, and has been so for many decades. Millions of people have received Dysport injections!

Dysport Cosmetic creates smoother skin by softening the appearance of certain types of wrinkles, including:

  • Vertical lines between your eyebrows
  • Horizontal forehead lines
  • Crow’s feet

These creases can have a significant aging effect, making you look (and maybe feel) much older than you are. Vertical lines between your brows may cause others to ask “are you angry?” or say “you look tired.” They tend to impart emotional states that we aren’t actually feeling. They can make you look frustrated or generally unapproachable, in addition to be associated with advanced age.

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The versatility of this injectable means it has other applications as well:

  • Smoothing out “bunny lines,” which are creases some people have when they smile, fanning out across the upper bridge of the nose
  • Reducing excessive sweating in the underarms, known as hyperhidrosis
  • Reducing episodes of migraines
  • Lifting drooping corners of the mouth for a perkier, youthful appearance
  • Correcting an overly gummy smile, in which too much gum tissue shows when you lift your lips in a smile

Dysport blocks nerve activity that causes the muscle to contract. It works on the precise area of injection, not a widespread area, so it is very easy to customize the injections to your individual concerns. We will go over all of the potential risks, side effects, and benefits, so that you can make an informed decision. Dysport has high rates of patient satisfaction and effective results, and a generally low rate of serious side effects.

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